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The Halal Food Standards Alliance of America (HFSAA) is a Halal certification program established by The Halal Advocates of America. We certify Producers & Suppliers, Farms & Livestock Operations, Processing & Distribution Centers, Restaurants, Meat Stores, Products, and Services. There is a plethora of differences of opinion amongst the Islamic scholars when it comes to Halal. We aim to reach the highest standard to ensure that any Muslim is able to consume our certified products regardless of what their personal stance may be on such issues. We are proud to be able to provide a standard of Halal which every consumer is comfortable with.

Our Standards

The full list of standards and fine details is quite a long read. Here are the basics you are probably looking for. If you want to see the entire set of standards, please contact us.


1. Only animals permitted for consumption in Islamic Law.
2. The slaughterman must be a practicing Muslim.
3. The slaughterman will slaughter by hand, and not by machine/mechanical means.
4. The slaughterman will recite the name of God on every individual animal, accompanied with proper intention.
5. The slaughterman will use a sharp knife to administer a horizontal incision to the throat of the animal severing the trachea, esophagus, and the carotid arteries.


1. All meats, raw ingredients, flavors, breads, desserts and other food products used and sold in the establishment must be in accordance with the full set of HFSAA standards
2. Non-Halal products and meats, including ritually impure foods such as pork and unslaughtered animal products, are not allowed on the premises


1. Frequent inspections are conducted at random.
2. Inspector will thoroughly inspect entire premise including kitchen, freezers, and coolers for all meat products & condiments.
3. All audits are documented and reviewed by the Chapter Operations Manager.

The Contract

Below are some important details to know about our contract. If you have any further questions please check the FAQ page or contact us

  • A legal contract is signed between the business and HFSAA. The HFSAA contract states that the certified establishment will adhere to HFSAA standards, discusses the protocol for infractions, and governs the responsibilities of the certified entity with regards to compliance.
  • There is a fee for certification which is based on the real costs of inspections, contracts, and administrative expenses. For our restaurants or meat stores, we charge $25/month. That’s less than $1/day!
  • Due to confidentiality, HFSAA will state whether an outlet is certified or not, but is not allowed to disclose any information about the business nor reveal the reasons behind certificate revocation.
  • Any authorized item or business that carries our logo has been thoroughly checked and verified to meet our standards as listed above
  • Half or partial certifications are not granted for restaurants. If there is a product on the establishment’s premises, then it must comply with HFSAA standards.
  • Only the fresh meat is HFSAA certified for meat stores. We do not oversee the items in the shelves or outside fridges such as packaged products, breads, condiments, etc..
  • HFSAA certificate can be revoked for violation of the contract, not adhering to HFSAA standards, or a desire to end the contract for any reason by either party.
    Note: If an establishment is no longer certified, we are not able to comment on its Halal status.

Certification Process

1.) Complete the application online

2.) The establishment will be contacted by a HFSAA representative within 3 business days to set up a meeting.

3.) A HFSAA representative will meet with the establishment to review the terms of the contract, HFSAA protocols, and answer any questions/concerns

4.) Once the establishment’s management is content, the HFSAA representative will review sources of meat, ingredients of all foods & condiments, and do a walk-through of establishment with the management.

5.) The HFSAA representative will research ingredients as needed, and suggest changes as needed to be in adherence to HFSAA standards

6.) Once the establishment complies with all necessary changes, the HFSAA representative will conduct a final thorough review and walk-through inspection of the establishment.

7.) The establishment will sign the contract once they pass the inspections, and a certificate will be issued. HFSAA inspections will begin immediately as defined in the protocols and strict adherence to HFSAA standards will be upheld.